Improving Behavior and Student Achievement

August 20, 2009 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM • Andrew Krugly

About this Talk

Join Andrew Krugly, Principal of Dewey Elementary School in Evanston, Illinois, as he answers your questions about establishing a school-wide behavior management plan that emphasizes prevention and positive modeling in order to improve academic performance among all students. Mr. Krugly will offer specific tips for improving behaviors, attitudes, and the general school environment.

That concludes our RTI Talk for today. Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful questions and thanks to our expert, Mr. Andrew Krugly, for his time today.

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  • Crone, D.A. & Horner, R.H. (2003). Building Positive Behavior Support Systems in Schools: Functional Behavioral Assessment. New York: Guilford Press.

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