Lori Smith, Ph.D.

Lori Smith, Ph.D., is principal at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has served in public education for fifteen years, nine of which have been in school administration. She began her career as a high school biology and chemistry teacher in 1994 in Colorado. Her work and systematic implementation of RTI at Cheyenne Mountain has led to several presentations, publications, and consultations on RTI Implementation.

Talks Featured

Implementing RTI in Middle Schools

February 18, 2010

Join Jeanice Kerr Swift and Lori Smith as they answer your questions about key issues related to RTI including scheduling; staff buy-in; preparation, planning and training for RTI; benefits to students and staff; challenges, and next steps. Ms. Swift and Dr. Smith will offer specific tips for how school teams can work together to introduce and sustain RTI at the middle school level.