Dean Fixsen, Ph.D.

Dean Fixsen, Ph.D., received his doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Kansas in 1970 and has been actively involved in developing and extending the evidence base of the Teaching-Family Model and summarizing the steps involved in program development and dissemination. In 1995, Dean began to focus on the critical dimensions associated with national implementation of evidence-based programs.  This work has led to a major review of the implementation evaluation literature, reviews of successful implementation practices, and the development of a network of program purveyors, implementation sites, family and cultural experts, state and federal policy makers, and researchers.

The combination of direct service and research experiences have provided many opportunities to learn about evidence-based program development, successful strategies for program replication and implementation, organizational and systems development, managing change processes, practical program evaluation, program administration, systems transformation, and neighborhood development.

Dean has co-authored nearly 100 publications, served on numerous editorial boards, and advised local, state, and federal governments.  Dean is currently a Research Professor at the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, at the University of South Florida, and with Karen Blase, is Co-Director of the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN).

Talks Featured

Building Education Programs that Work for All Students

August 20, 2008

Join Dean Fixsen as he offer tips and suggestions to help you apply successful strategies for organizational and systems development, change management, program implementation and administration, systems transformation, and neighborhood development within your school community.