Mary Anne Lesiak

Mary Anne Lesiak is Director of Education for AppleTree Institute and has overseen the development of AppleTree’s instructional and professional development models. Before joining AppleTree in 2005, Mary Anne was the Educational Website Coordinator for the United States Mint and a Program Analyst for the US Department of Education, where she worked on federal early childhood efforts including Title I, Even Start, Early Childhood Educator Professional Development, and Early Reading First. She also taught US History and Computer Application in District of Columbia Public Schools. She holds a Master’s degree in teaching from American University where she occasionally serves as an adjunct instructor.

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Using RTI to Improve Preschool Outcomes

December 13, 2011

AppleTree Institute in Washington DC has been implementing RTI in preschool settings since 2007 to support the development of language, social-emotional, and foundational academic skills of three- and four -year-old children.  Join Mary Anne Lesiak and Lydia Carlis as they explore the application of multi-tiered systems of support in early childhood settings and answer your questions about key issues.