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Panel #1: Realizing the potential of RTI - How comprehensive is implementation?

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Lead Presenter

David Allsopp, Ph.D. - University of South Florida (FL)

Panel #1 Paper: Realizing the Potential of RTI - How Comprehensive is Implementation? PowerPoint Handouts    Transcript


Judy Elliott, Ph.D. - Los Angeles Unified School District (CA via video)

George Sugai, Ph.D. - University of Connecticut (CT)
Remarks    Transcript

John Carruth - Vail School District (AZ)


Charles Greenwood, Ph.D. – University of Kansas (KS)
PowerPoint Handouts   Remarks    Transcript


Nancy Ventrudo – Parent (CO)
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RTI Leadership Forum Panel 2
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  1. Remarks from a Forum participant: RTI is a theory that is elegant in its simplicity. However, like many of those things that we consider simple and elegant, such as a snow flake or spring flower, it is in fact inconceivably complex and vulnerable. More focus needs to be paid to: Structural integrity. Like a house built of cards, every element of RTI is interdependent. Screen, teach, intervene, probe, chart, and adjust – if each step is not done with equal integrity the whole schema will suffer.
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