Matthew K. Burns

Matthew K. Burns Ph.D., is a Professor of Educational Psychology, Co-Director of the Minnesota Center for Reading Research, and Coordinator of the School Psychology program at the University of Minnesota. He has authored over 100 articles and book chapters, many of which address Response to Intervention. Matt is the Editor of School Psychology Review and is the former Editor of Assessment for Effective Intervention. He has also co-authored or co-edited seven books about RTI including co-editing the Handbook of response-to-intervention: The science and practice of assessment and intervention. Moreover, Matt is a highly sought national presenter and has conducted RTI trainings in dozens of states. As a former practitioner and special education supervisor, Matt has implemented, supervised, researched, and consulted about RTI for almost 20 years. Finally, Matt was a member of the task force and co-author of School Psychology: A Blueprint for Training and Practice III.


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