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Lynn Fuchs: Rethinking RTI Practices a Decade Later

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We’ve all come to expect continuous innovation and change in the technologies we use on a daily basis where companies are constantly working to refine and improve the next generation or increase functionality of innovations. RTI is an innovation that began to take hold about 10 years ago. Are there RTI practices that made sense a decade ago which now require re‐thinking in light of the continuous search for refinements and improvements in our field?

Lynn S. Fuchs, Ph.D. (Professor of Special Education; Nicholas Hobbs Professor of Special Education and Human Development, Vanderbilt University) responds to this question and discusses the concept of continuous innovation and improvement exemplified in Apple’s video Introducing the iPad 2. Dr. Fuchs also offers examples of how innovations in practices and research in the area of RTI benefit students and educators, leading to greater success in schools.


Key Ideas from Apple video:


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