Drexel Hill Middle School Team

Drexel Hill Middle SchoolBuilt in 1957 and originally opened as Drexel Hill Junior High School, Drexel Hill Middle School (DHMS), grades 6-8, is proud to serve the communities of Clifton Heights, Drexel Hill and Upper Darby in Pennsylvania. Since becoming a middle school in 1980, DHMS has won recognition on local, state and national levels for the variety of student-centered programs offered throughout the school.

The school operates under a traditional middle school team/house system. This helps the teams create their own communities of learning in which students are able to remain in the same general area for their basic subject (Math, Science, Language Arts & Social Studies) classes. Teachers and students on the same team also get an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships that help them learn how to work with and help one another. 

After a year of successfully incorporating data meetings and making AYP for the first time, Drexel Hill Middle School took on the task of implementing Response to Intervention in September of 2008.  Interventions initially were used in sixth grade during a newly created class period.  The program met with success and was subsequently used in some sections of seventh and eighth grade as well.  Currently, the school is making plans for full implementation in all grades next school year.

Participating Drexel Hill Middle School Team Members:

  • Jonathan Ross - Principal, Drexel Hill Middle School
  • Daniel Mcgarry - Assistant Principal, Drexel Hill Middle School
  • Annamarie Dilossi - Literacy Coach, Drexel Hill Middle School
  • Jennifer Flatau - Reading Team Leader, Drexel Hill Middle School
  • Brenda Kabler - School Psychologist, Upper Darby School District
  • Joanna Demarco - Reading Specialist, Drexel Hill Middle School
  • Danielle Barnes - Special Education, Teacher Drexel Hill Middle School
  • Dan Flannery - ELLTeacher, Drexel Hill Middle School

Talks Featured

Effective Teaming and Collaboration within RTI

June 4, 2009

Join Principal Jonathan Ross and members of the Drexel Hill team as they share lessons learned and important outcomes after two years of RTI implementation.