Barbara J. Ehren, Ed.D.

Barbara J. Ehren, Ed.D. is a Professor at the University of Central Florida and Director of a doctoral program which focuses on language and literacy for struggling learners. Prior to this position she was a research scientist with the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (KUCRL) where her emphasis was on strategic reading for adolescents, collaboration among professionals in schools, and school-wide literacy initiatives in secondary schools, including Response to Intervention (RTI). Her experience includes many years in public schools as a speech-language pathologist, teacher and district administrator. She serves on many committees and editorial boards, including the Advisory Board of the RTI Action Network and the International Reading Association Commission on RTI. She has a special interest in assisting school systems to build capacity at the school level for more effective literacy programs for diverse learners. A recurrent theme of her work is shared responsibility for literacy acquisition. She is a frequent consultant to states, school districts and professional associations on RTI related issues. She has authored several publications on RTI, including Response to Intervention: An Action Guide for School Leaders (2009).

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Speech-Language Pathologists and RTI

May 12, 2011

Join Drs. Barbara Ehren and Maureen Staskowski during our next RTI Talk as they answer your questions about the role of SLPs in RTI. They will also offer tips and examples of effective ways to engage in assessment and intervention activities based on lessons learned working with SLPs in local schools.

RTI Gets Promoted to Secondary Schools

October 22, 2007

Featured experts, Dr. Barbara Ehren and Dr. Kathleen Whitmire discuss challenges and solutions for implementing RTI at the secondary level, and share strategies for bringing effective supports to adolescents through collaboration between educators and families.