Sally Helton, M.S.

Sally Helton, M.S., is the EBIS Coordinator in the Tigard Tualatin School District (TTSD) in Tigard, Oregon. EBIS is Tigard Tualatin’s RTI system. Sally began work as a school psychologist in the district in 1997 working at several schools and later was the counselor/psychologist at an elementary school prior to moving to the district office and becoming a systems coach. She has been involved in the implementation and scaling up of PBIS and RTI at both school and district levels while at TTSD and currently focuses on ensuring fidelity to implementation of these practices at the district’s secondary schools.  

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Building Implementation Capacity for RTI

December 10, 2012

Linda Wernikoff, Michelle Duda, and Sally Helton answered your questions about "Building Implementation Capacity for RTI” at the state, district, and local levels. They provided specific strategies that lead to sustainable and high fidelity implementation of effective literacy programs. The presenters also shared their experiences implementing the Active Implementation Frameworks and scaling up successful innovations resulting in positive student outcomes.