Linda Wernikoff, M.A.

Linda Wernikoff, M.A., was, for much of her career, at the forefront of special education innovation in New York City, with extensive experience in education reform. She worked in the NYC Department of Education for over 35 years: as a Teacher of Speech Improvement, Deputy Director of the Office of Related and Contractual Services, and, most recently, Executive Director of the Office of Special Education Initiatives. As Executive Director she was responsible for developing policies to ensure high quality special education services to over 190,000 students with disabilities in NYC. She oversaw all issues related to special education referral, assessment and placement policy, and instructional innovations and managed an office budget of $20 million and various field-based grants in excess of $6 million. Under her leadership NYC students with disabilities witnessed the greatest gains in performance since NY State testing began in 1999. She is currently a Senior Education Consultant with Wilson Language Training Corporation.

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Building Implementation Capacity for RTI

December 10, 2012

Linda Wernikoff, Michelle Duda, and Sally Helton answered your questions about "Building Implementation Capacity for RTI” at the state, district, and local levels. They provided specific strategies that lead to sustainable and high fidelity implementation of effective literacy programs. The presenters also shared their experiences implementing the Active Implementation Frameworks and scaling up successful innovations resulting in positive student outcomes.