Adena Miller, M.A.

Adena Miller, M.A., currently serves as the principal consultant of the Response to Intervention/Positive Behavior Intervention & Support within the Colorado Department of Education. Her work supports RtI implementation within districts and schools across the state, as well as to ensure the effective integration of RtI within the various initiatives of the Colorado Department of Education. Prior to joining the CDE, Ms. Miller taught special education at the Kindergarten through 8th grade level in Colorado and Upstate New York.

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Colorado’s RTI Implementation Rubrics

June 1, 2012

The RtI Implementation Rubrics developed by the Colorado Department of Education serve as an overview of implementation for Response to Intervention (RtI) at the classroom, school, and district levels. The rubrics are designed for use as fidelity tools to improve outcomes for students and to support a scaling up of effective practices. Each rubric describes what RtI looks like at 4 growth stages (i.e., emerging, developing, operationalizing, optimizing) across the following 6 components of RtI: problem solving, curriculum & instruction, assessment, leadership, family & comunity partnering, and positive school climate. The Colorado Department of Education team ansered your questions about developing school improvement plans, tracking fidelity of implementation, and establishing a continuous improvement cycle appropriate for your stage of implementation.