Hollie Pettersson, Ph.D.

Secondary Directory of Evidenced Based Learning

Hollie Pettersson, Ph.D., serves as the Secondary Director of Evidence Based Learning and Achievement in Canyons School District, Utah. Prior to joining Canyons, Hollie was an educational specialist for the Utah Personnel Development Center, where she co-directed Utahâ??s RtI training initiative that integrates academics, social behavior, and teacher coaching. Hollie is a certified teacher, school psychologist, and administrator with experience in elementary, middle and high school settings. Her experience and expertise in PBIS, instructional coaching, assessment, and systems change have been integral in the development and implementation of state policy guidelines for the state of Utah in the areas of RtI and PBIS.

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Implementing RTI in High Schools

June 29, 2011

Implementing RtI at the secondary level presents unique challenges and new questions. Join Drs. Matthew Burns, Hollie Pettersson and Rebecca Sarlo as they explore the application of multi-tiered systems of support in high school settings and answer your questions about key issues. They will also offer examples to illustrate the application of RtI practices that increase student achievement for academics and behavior at the high school level.