Maureen Staskowski, Ph.D.

Maureen Staskowski, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, is a Speech, Language, and Literacy Consultant at the Macomb Intermediate School District in Michigan. She consults and designs professional development related to topics such as reading, writing, speech and language intervention, system change, and response to intervention. She has served on several national and state committees related to these topics and has presented and published on these topics. She is currently an ASHA representative to the National Joint Committee for Learning Disabilities. She is past president of the Michigan Speech-Language Hearing Association and has lead several projects such as revising Michigan’s guidelines for school-based speech-language service delivery.

Dr. Staskowski demonstrates great passion for language and literacy. She holds degrees from Western Michigan University in speech-language pathology and Oakland University in Reading and Language Arts and Learning Disabilities. Presently, Dr. Staskowski is helping to develop and implement plans to transform failing schools. She also consults with over a hundred schools who are in the process of implementing an RTI model, helping these teams to integrate RTI and data-based decision-making into their school improvement plans. Issues such as the identification of learning disabilities and implications for identification of speech and language impairments have been of particular interest. Recently conversations center around addressing increasing student need with dwindling resources. This often involves looking at the expertise of the SLP as an important and often under-appreciated resource. She also works with SLPs to identify changes they can make to most effectively coordinate their services to help students achieve.

Other current initiatives include assisting school teams to implement the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), especially as it pertains to students gaining access to the new Common Core Standards.

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Speech-Language Pathologists and RTI

May 12, 2011

Join Drs. Barbara Ehren and Maureen Staskowski during our next RTI Talk as they answer your questions about the role of SLPs in RTI. They will also offer tips and examples of effective ways to engage in assessment and intervention activities based on lessons learned working with SLPs in local schools.