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Student Assessment - Progress Monitoring

Our teachers monitor student progress now. We have end of unit tests, and so teachers always know what skills students have learned or not learned. Why would we want to add an additional measurement tool such as curriculum based measures, also referred to as general outcome measures?

Response from Ann Casey, Ph.D.:

It's great that you have these data, as it should help your teachers plan their instruction.  End of unit tests are a good way to gauge what students learned and did not learn, and is good feedback to teachers.  These types of measures are sometimes referred to as mastery monitoring or criterion referenced assessment.  We would encourage you to continue to collect these kinds of data. In RTI we need a measurement system that acts as an indicator of progress toward high stakes outcomes.  The measure should have reliability and validity for this purpose and also be sensitive to growth over time.  Words read correctly and maze meet these criteria.  Schools have a variety of assessment needs. The purposes of assessment can be organized into four categories:  screening, progress monitoring, instructional planning, and summative evaluation.  Schools need measures that meet each of these purposes, and for RTI we focus on the purposes of universal screening and monitoring progress toward high stakes outcomes.

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