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Judy Rudebusch

Judy Rudebusch
Judy Rudebusch
Judy Rudebusch, EdD, CCC-SLP, serves as the division director for special services in the Irving Independent School District, located in north Texas. In this role, she oversees program development, coordination, and management for special programs including Title I and other NCLB programs; special education; bilingual, ESL, and migrant education; gifted and talented services; services for at-risk students; and adult ESL training.


Judy currently teaches the Public School Methods for graduate students in speech-language pathology at the Callier Center - University of Texas at Dallas. She was a member of the ASHA ad hoc committee that established the workload approach to caseload, has served on the ASHA Legislative Council and on the Clinical Specialty Board, and is currently on the School Finance Committee. She is a frequent presenter and has a keen interest in and commitment to improving public education using a systems approach to continuous improvement.

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